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How The  Process Works

We use our airbrush spray tan equipment to apply the moisturizing body spray. You will want to come in a bathing suit or can get it done in just underwear. 

How Often ?

This is going to be dependent on your current skin condition & what you use for product upkeep at home. You can come once a week for maintenance or as needed. You will notice a more smoother skin feeling after one spray. 

Can it be paired with other services?

Yes! All services except for spray tans can be done in the same appointment.  If you have a spray tan booked come get this treatment 24 hours or more before exfoliation. 

What are the benefits?

  •  Sooths heat affected, sunburnt or peeling skin.

  • Helps with extreme dry skin. 

  • Seals hydration longer than lotion. 


 Coconut Oil & Sunflower extract which offers deep levels of hydration & vitamin E.

Dragon fruit extract which soothes skin and provides relief from inflammation and redness.  Lychee Fruit which has high amounts of antioxidants to help protect from free radical damage

C5 Technology – Lightweight, silky-smooth skin conditioners to help lock in skin’s moisture with vitamin C. 

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