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Before Your Spray Tan

Exfoliate a minimum of 3 hours before your spray tan.

Use anything from a dry brush, exfoliating mitt or scrubs.(example coffee scrubs, or even simply baking soda!). If you are using a scrub with oil content make sure you dry exfoliate again after to get off any residue of the product. 

Clean & product free skin is a must so you must come to your appointment with NO lotion on which means a good prep vs a quick shower after work. Once you have had your last shower/exfoliate before your appointment do not apply any lotions or oils we need a product free canvas.

Shaving the day before is ideal if time is on your side.  If you have to shave the same day as your appointment do not use any shaving gels, creams or a razor with a moisturizing strip after doing a full body exfoliation.

You may spray tan in the undergarment of your choice.

(Most women go with just panties). 

For going home loose pants, summer dresses, sweaters or t shirts. Please try to avoid sleeveless if it is a hot day.  Please keep the weather in mind incase it rains you will need to dress accordingly. 

If you have pedicures or waxing booked do them the day before.

If they have to be done before your tan appointment on the same day please call us.  

After Your Spray Tan

For the first night only if you have not done your first rinse off we recommend sleeping in pants. This will avoid skin on skin contact well its still developing.

As soon as you have taken off the bronzing layer in your first shower you are set in. Moisturize daily as much as you want. The more the better. If you are going somewhere with a pool an extender is recommended. 

Our custom spray tans require a 8-12 hour development time depending on what custom mix we make for you. We ask that you be prepared to not shower for a minimum of 12 hours after. Do not use any products or shave your first rinse off. (Water only)

While you have a spray tan avoid body scrubs, loofahs, Dove products & bar soap. These can inhibit how your tan lasts.

A spray tan is 50% our application & 50% your prep & aftercare we guarantee all tans if proper prep is followed.  You must contact us within 24 hours of your service if you have an issue. We can not guarantee our spray tan services if you come in with self tanner on your skin.  


Question & Answer

How many days before an event should I get a spray tan?

We recommend 1-3 days before an event. For brides we do recommend 2-3 days before.

How long does a spray tan last?

The spray tan lasts approximately 7 days. 

What happens the day of my spray tan?

Once sprayed, you will have an instant bronzed look produced by the bronzer in the solution the tan will develop over the next 8-12 hours. At this time you will gain around 2 shades and may feel a little to dark. You will lose  the bronzing layer to jump you down a shade when you rinse.

What is the difference between a custom spray tan & a rapid spray tan?

Our custom spray tans are our most popular. We are able to create you a custom color to best suit your skin tone which needs 12 hours of developing time and is flexible about when you shower. The rapid  spray tans are great for same day events if you need to shower the bronzer off in 3-5 hours. It will appear you have color when rinsing but does still take 12 hours to fully develop. The customization with a rapid tan is based on shower time.

Will a spray tan protect me from a sunburn ?

No! When going into the sun, you must wear sun protection. The only way it will help to protect you is that you will not be tempted to sun bake since you will have your tan already.

How dark will I get ?

Everybody’s skin develops its own individual color based on your current skin tone. Some people go a few shades darker brown, some may just get a glow. We have multiple solutions to choose from. We will also do a consultation with you when you come in to match your desired end result.

What if I have a very fair skin that has never been able to tan?

Hey, this is exactly why the spray tanning was designed in the first place, for people that could not tan by any other method! Most probably you will get a fantastic color with spray tan! Of course, people that tan easily will tan too. If you are new to spray tanning and very fair we recommend a trial on rare occasions fair clients can be DHA resistent.

I had bad experience with a spray tan before. Should I assume that spray tanning is not for me?

No, there are many factors that could effect your tan; the skill of the technician (if tanned with hand held gun), the quality of solution, your skin condition at the time, or simply jut like everyone not being able to wear the same brand of make up you may just need a different product line on your skin. 98% of our customers have absolutely no issues with the tan. If you leave your appointment with a full even coverage that means we got your entire body covered. If you notice spots that may look "missed" after you shower something has caused it not to develop If you ever have an issue with a tan from Glitz please contact us immediately as we guarantee all our services.


Does the solution have a bad smell?

No! The multiple product lines we use has the newest technology in odor inhibitors that eliminates the dreaded "sunless smell".

What is the difference between an airbrush spray tan and a booth?

Airbrush technicians control the amount of solution on the hands, feet and other areas that need to appear more natural especially in the winter we change up our routine to adjust for dry skin. Also, the breathing factor is much better. You can breath normal and not worry about solution being sprayed out all over the place. A booth just sprays out & you hope that you are standing in the correct position.


Will a spray tan come off in  the pool?

The best thing to help your tan last longer when going in pools or hot tubs is wearing a waterproof sunblock. It helps protect your skin from the chemicals. You will not physically see your spray tan coming of in the pool or ocean. Buying a travel size tan extender product is totally worth it for vacations!

Does the solution come off on clothing ?

The day you get your spray tan the odd time people see a bit of spray come off on your clothes inside. The solutions are water soluble and will come off in the wash and do not stain. Once you have your first shower it is set in and you will not see any spray tan products coming off on your clothing. If you do still see a bit coming off after your first shower that means you haven't rinsed the bronzer off well enough or on rare occasions the skin PH balance can be off.


Can you cover up tan lines ?

Spray tans can cover up tan lines up to 70-80%, The result will be dependent on the width and shade difference between the tan line and your natural skin tone.


Can I get a spray tan well pregnant ?

At Glitz we tend to spray tan many mommies to be on a weekly basis. DHA doesn't penetrate the skin or enter the bloodstream. As your body goes through a lot of change during pregnancy we would recommend a trial prior to a special occasion to ensure that the tan sticks to your skin with the hormone changes. If you are having a high risk pregnancy please consult a physician first.


I have extreme dry skin can I get a spray tan?

If you suffer from extreme dry skin (which would be to the point of flaking off) but moisturize all the time, You will get best results from a rapid tan or using some very hydrating oils like coconut, grapeseed, almond. oil, This would be a prep multiple days leading up to the tan. (Don't use the day of the tan). We also have our Hydration Pod as an option.

Can I get a spray tan if I have tattoos?

Yes! It does not effect the coloring of tattoo's and will just look like a normal tan would from the sun. If you have a fresh tattoo wait at least 14 days.

I have other beauty services booked which should I do first?

Spray tans should be one of the last services you get before an event if possible. If you have pedicures, manicures, waxing or eyelash extension appointments it should be done before your spray tan. If you are doing pedicures or manicures the same day as your appointment make sure NO lotions are applied.

Do I need multiple sessions ?

As much as we would love to see your face more often, The short answer is no. It is not a build up like a UV tan. One tan will last you approximately a week.

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