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How Our Process Works

 Our procedure is a disposable one size fits all double- sided mouthpiece that have natural ingredients that are activated by a professional dental grade blue LED light. You will sit under the light anywhere from 25-30 minutes.

Only one visit is needed to see result. 


You do only need one treatment for instant results but if you are wanting to keep up with the whitening we recommend doing it again in under 12 weeks. Your lasting will be dependent on your daily habits and tooth health. 

We have a reboot pricing option if you come in 8-10 weeks again.

Professional Whitening

 VS Home. 

The formula has less fillers and has a higher peroxide content. Also a strong wattage of light provides a quick and simple whitening session. Example a home whitening light is average of 5-Watts and our light is 30 Watts. It is also a one and done treatment vs having to do it over and over for days. 

Will Teeth Whitening Work For Me?

All teeth are different due to body chemistry, genetics, dental health, and mineral imbalances. Majority of clients will see 4 to 6 shade difference. Tetracycline stains cannot be removed and dark gray-shaded teeth will only brighten up vs whiten no matter what kind of whitening treatment you try.  Overall 98% of our clients experience great success.


Sensitivity with this product is not common. The great thing about our teeth whitening procedure is we have vitamin E options & 10 minute numbing gel if needed but majority of our clients do not need it due to a low filler peroxide in the gel. 

Should Anyone Avoid Teeth Whitening?

If you are pregnant, have extremely dark genetic staining or have not seen a dentist in over 2 years.

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