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We are proud to be  one of the first salons in Western Canada to introduce this innovative service. BUFF & GLOW, an exceptional professional skincare system harnessing vibration technology, offers remarkable benefits. The BUFF component swiftly exfoliates the top dermal layer, unveiling fresh skin to enhance the efficacy of subsequent nourishing treatments, creating an ideal foundation for skincare. The transformative results are truly remarkable in achieving radiant and healthy skin.!

Our effective 3-step process is fast, easy and painless. It actually feels great!

The Buff & Glow System helps to illuminate your beauty as nature intended!

What to get it done for ?

  • After a vacation where your skin feels as dry as a desert from all the pool dips, hot tub soaks, and blazing heat.

  • Got a leg-revealing dress to wear in less than a day? Get those legs glowing with a buff & shine.

  • Get ready to glow by prepping your skin 1-4 days before a spray tan!

  • If you have sore muscles - sounds strange, doesn't it? - this device is commonly utilized in physiotherapy clinics as well to help relax muscles.


  • Pain free deep exfoliation

  • Blood circulation

  • Removal of lactic acid in muscles

  • Lymphatic drainage

  • Deep moisturizing skin treatment.

  • Treats KP on arms. 

Q & A:

How many treatments?

​Only one for instant smooth results. 

You will only need multiple if you are treating KP. 

If I get this before a spray tan how many days prior?

1-4 days prior.

Keep in mind this treatment isn't just for spray tan clients. 

Any Restrictions?

If you are on accutane or have any open lesions. ​

What should I bring?

It is most comfortable to get this done in a bathing suit or shorts and a sports bra. 

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